3 Reasons to go on a Destination Bachelorette

When planning your Bachelorette party, think outside the box. We're seeing all these extravagant parties in Vegas and NOLA with hot swimsuits & costumes. I mean, it's the last shabang before your best friend gets married, so you might as well do it big. But we're encouraging you to re-think those destinations. How about an island nestled in the tropics? Take it from our Bride, Julianne, it was MERMAZING! 

3 Reasons to have a Destination Bachelorette in a remote place:

No Cell Service:

Our iPhones were no where to be fond. We had genuine conversation and laughed. Sharing stories about our bride. We left our husbands, kids, and 9-5's at home and seriously got to CHILL OUT. We all formed sincere relationships with one another. Since returning, we've all gotten closer which makes it so exciting for the big Wedding Day.

Packing Made Easy:


Floating drink cups

Customized Sol Addict Sun Shirts

Beach Towels


Outdoor Adventures:

We rode boats by day and golf carts by night. Encountering pigs, turtles, and sting rays. We swam with with wild dolphins in the bay. Followed by dancing the night away barefoot under the full moon and stars while sipping on champagne. 


A truly unforgettable Bachelorette Party!